The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Episode 4 Recap

The teams were off to China. Kent and Vyyyxxxyyysinnn got off to a bad start when they couldn't find their car. #epicfail Of course, this was nicely juxtaposed (that's such a great word) with Vyyyyyxxxxxxxxxxsinnnnnnnn saying it was a "PMA day - POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE!" She pretty much disowned that about 19 seconds later and was in full meltdown mode about 20 seconds after that. And then they drove in the wrong direction all night. Huh - this may be the only time we've ever had a team basically eliminated before the first commercial break.

K&V missed the mandatory flight and had to rebook.

The teams had to ride donkeys or yaks or something (sorry, got called away from the show for a while) and then searched for zodiac charms in the mountains. Ah, Americans talking to non-Americans in faraway cultures. It's always funny.

Zev and Justin had problems with the road block and K&V managed to catch up. Ron and Christina got on the wrong bus leaving the road block and almost ended up very lost. Vyxsin had another meltdown at the road block. Just not that girl's day.

Ron and Christina spent a lot of the race bickering. Just like last time. Sigh.

Margie and Luke finished the leg first but it was another fakeout - the leg isn't over! Still racing!

To add to K&V's problems, they left a fanny pack in a gondola with all of their travel documents.


Next week: A Double U-Turn.


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