Survivor Redemption Island Episode 3 Recap

Matt arrives as Redemption Island and starts to put the pieces together on how he was blindsided, while back at camp, Rob basks in his perfect plan.

The tribes picked rocks to see who would go to Redemption Island to watch The Duel between Matt and Fran, where one would stay on Redemption Island and await the next arrival, while the other one would have their entrails eate-er, be sent home for good. Cute Matt Chick Andrea happened to get one of the rocks and went pining for her boy.

The "duel" was just Another Survivor Challenge that involved lashing sticks together to get keys to unlock locks and open doors to win. Matt won and stays alive at Redemption Island, and Fran gets a ticket back to the mainland.

Steve from Russell's tribe told Russell that Matt went home, and then told the rest of the tribe the truth. Russell's "harem" decided to act like they had a hidden immunity idol. Russell's team also decided that they'd throw the challenge in order to get rid of Russell and deprive viewers of 50% of the reason why they're watching this season. So Rob's team won their first immunity. And Russell immediately concluded his team threw the challenge.

In addition to the immunity idol, Rob's team won reward and Rob found the hidden immunity idol clue in the reward stuff. As he put it, the clue might as well have said, "The idol is somewhere."

Over at Russell's camp, Russell realized that the team throwing the challenge meant that he was being targetted, so he scrambled and try to set a plane in motion to get rid of Ralph, who, unbeknownst to his tribe, has a hidden immunity idol.

The vote ended up in a three-way tie between Stephanie, Russell and Ralph. A re-vote was held. And BAM, Russell is GONE! Well, to Redemption Island, at least. Where he's expecting to find Fran but will find Matt.

Next week: Rob's tribe tries to find the immunity idol. And Russell fights for survival on Redemption Island.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the update! We delayed watching Survivor until dinner was made and then 10 minutes before the end of Survivor the DVR started taping another show. Your blog was the only way for me to learn the outcome.

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