The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Episode 5 Recap

It's part 2 of TAR in China. Can Kent and Vyxen make a stunning comeback from driving the wrong way all night and then leaving their passports on a gondola? (Probably not.)

Well, the drama of the lost passports was resolved in, like TWO MINUTES (they found them) and the cliffhanger was all for nothing. Sigh.

However, K&V were given a 30 minute penalty for not taking their prescribed flight in the last episode. They elected not to tell the other teams.

The Goths managed to catch up and made it on the same train as everyone else.

The teams hit a Double U-Turn. Margie and Luke were the 1st ones there but didn't use it. Neither did Jet and Cord. K&V U-turned the cheerleaders, who were standing right beside them at the U-Turn. AWKWARD!

The Cheerleaders U-Turned the Globetrotters.

The roadblock involved one team member having to build a dinosaur skeleton. Life-size. Think giant puzzle. Gary and Mallory who were way behind, cashed in their Express Pass to stay in the game.

But it was Jet and Cord who came in first. Gary and Mallory were second.

The Goths were the 4th team to arrive but had to wait out their penalty. They ended up being fifth. The Globetrotters were 6th.

The Cheerleaders were the last team at the dinosaur task and the last team to arrive at the pit stop. Eliminated. I won't shed any tears.

Next week: India.


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