Camera+ Clarity feature makes good photos great

The Camera+ app for iPhone has always been a really good upgrade to the built-in camera software on the iPhone 4, but the new "Clarity" editing setting on the latest version of Camera+ is just fantastic. Check out this picture of giant crabs I took at the Asian market on the weekend:

And here's the same picture using the "Clarity" feature on Camera+

It's worth noting that I took this picture with the regular camera software and imported it into the Camera+ editing days later. So you don't have to take the pix in Camera+ to take the pictures (although if you don't, you're missing out on the other great features in the app, like burst mode).

Edit: Here's two more. The picture was taken at sunrise this morning around 7 a.m. The effect is really pronounced here, almost to the point where the Clarity pic looks painted. And like it was taken at noon.


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