The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Episode 3 Recap

The teams all headed to Japan. The drama was in taking the earlier flight with a connection and making it to Japan 15 minutes sooner, or taking the later direct flight. Five teams took the connecting flight, which did end up delayed in Hong Kong due to mechanical issues. So the gamble did not pay off, as the direct flight landed 90 minutes sooner instead of 15 minutes later.

The teams had to perform a Shogun ritual that involved shooting an arrow from a (wooden) horse. Meanwhile, the cheerleaders clipped the side mirror of another driver, who called the cops. They were sentenced to death.

No, but it did leave them far behind everyone else.

The Detour was either a Shinto prayer ritual or digging for a frog in a mud throwing game. Don't ask. But it was hysterical to watch.

Zev and Justin came in first. The Globetrotters took a 30 minute penalty for taking Ron and Christina's bags by mistake and not returning them to where they were but that just changed them from 3rd to 4th. Jaime and Cara thought they were last but were 9th.

Mel and Mike ended up last and were eliminated.

Next week: The teams go to China. And it's chaos.


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