Survivor Redemption Island Episode 5 Recap

It's a Russell-less Survivor. But Rob is still here. Rob will make the show interesting still. Right?

Matt and Kristina faced off in the duel, which was putting puzzle pieces into a Borg cube and conquering the Alpha Quadrant. Matt used the opportunity to trash talk Rob, who was one of the observers. Matt stayed alive again. Kristina going home.

Russell's former harem of Stephanie and Random Blonde Chick decided that their best strategy was to tell Rob at the duel they'd flip at the merge. Assuming they make it that far.

Team Rob won reward and immunity. Team Formerly Russell was sent to Tribal Council, where it would appear the choice was between the harem girls, Stephanie and the other one who made such an impression on me I can't remember her name.

The tribe sent Generic Blonde Girl - turns out her name is Krista - to Redemption Island.

Next week: Phillip: Still crazy.


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