Survivor Nicaragua Finale Recap


It's the series finale of Survivor, which is the longest 3-hour program in the history of television, particularly the 20-minute "remember the fallen" Survivors montage. The only thing anyone cares about is who wins - and this season, no one could possibly care who wins this season. Dan: the useless rich guy with bad knees. Holly: who flipped out and wanted to quit. Chase: keeps burning his alliances. Sash: Lucky more than good. Fabio: Goof.

CBS tries to spin this as the "improbable journey" of the five finalists. I call it the least inspired finale in a long, long time. Bring on the next season of the Amazing Race, please.

Fabio came from behind and won the first immunity challenge of the night. Useless Dan was finally voted out.

The final immunity challenge was also won by Fabio, and suddenly he's on the miracle run. And the final member of the jury is Holly.

So the final three for the million: Fabio, Sash and Chase. At this point, I think Fabio wins it all.

So let's cut to the chase (no pun intended) and go straight to the live final vote. The winner of Survivor Nicaragua is: Fabio.

Best of the bunch, I guess.

And I'm not sticking around to watch the recap show.


Anonymous said…
What a dumb recap.. At least pretend to care what you're writing about.
Unknown said…
Hey, thanks Mr. Anonymous for that helpful comment!

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