The Amazing Race Episode 11 Recap

It's the penultimate episode of this season and after what seems to have been, like, 17 non-elimination legs, someone (read: Nick and Vicki) better be going home.

Nick and Vicki, with their six hour penalty, fell further behind when they didn't get on the same plane as the other teams and ended up more than nine hours behind. So there really wasn't a whole lot of drama here.

Brooke and Claire came first but were penalized 30 minutes for taking a taxi instead of a subway. So Jill and Thomas finished first. B&C were second. Nat and Kat were third. Nick and Vicki might still be wandering South Korea.

So... we have two all-girl teams in the final 3, yet I can't shake the feeling that Generic Team No. 1, Jill and Thomas, is going to win instead of one of the girl teams.

Next week: Um, I'm out of the country and not sure if I'm going to be able to watch the finale.


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