Post-Christmas hangover

It's the last official day of my Christmas holidays, and I'm suffering from major post-Christmas hangover right now. That's in large part due to things like this:
Giant perogies!
As well as stuff like this:
Homemade chocolate truffles!
So, yeah, I basically entered a food coma over the weekend. Plus, we've had four different incarnations of turkey already: the roast turkey for Christmas dinner, shredded turkey nachos, a delicious turkey-tortellini soup, and a three-cheese turkey casserole.

The good news is that up until yesterday, I was being very good at exercising every day, attempting to keep my weight gain to a minimum.

The bad news is I've come down with some kind of head cold, so I'm not feeling terribly great right now. Either that or my sinuses reacted REALLY badly to the three hours of swimming we did on Sunday night. Whatever the cause, Neo-Citran is currently working wonders.

But, on the whole, it was great hosting Christmas this year for my youngest brother and his family instead of travelling. And we get to do it one more time when my other younger brother and his family come up later this week. More food....


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