Palm Springs Day 1

Our trip down to Palm Springs was, thankfully, much less eventful than our trip to Hawaii. Our plane from Edmonton was slightly delayed due to a luggage issue - apparently there was luggage on our plane that didn't have a matching passenger on the plane so they had to search through the luggage to get the unmatched bags off. But we made our connection with plenty of time to spare and made it to Palm Springs without incident. Our decision to take only carry-on luggage bought us a lot of extra time all day.

Palm Springs is beautiful. To us, it looks like a cross between Kananaskis and Maui. Palm Springs is in the middle of a heat wave right now, and the daytime highs are in the high 20s. The Shadow Ridge resort where we're staying is enormous. (We got lost trying to find our room for the first time - lost by several miles. Really.)

After settling in it was off to find food, which tonight came courtesy the Haus of Pizza, a little local joint which we picked more or less at random as it fit our criteria for food - it had some; and as we passed it, Char said, "Let's go there!" Works for me. Their tortellini was nothing special but the pizza was fantastic. And as soon as this gets posted I'm going to have some for my late supper.

After dinner we went to find one of the many pools on the property, and, fortunately there was one right behind our unit. We quickly determined at the pool that we're probably the youngest people here by about four decades. Which is fine as we assume this will mean no loud parties.

So everything is great so far and we're already plotting ways to find a way to come back.

Tomorrow: Off exploring.


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