Survivor Nicaragua Episode 14 Recap

On last week's show, which I didn't review, someone named "Benry" was eliminated. Which can't possibly be true, as it would mean someone named their kid "Benry."

So there's six Survivors left and the finale is Sunday, so that makes this the penultimate episode. "Penultimate" is such a great word.

And if you think I'm stalling so I don't have to actually, you know,review the show, you'd be right. This has been such a horrendous season of Survivor. And I really don't care who wins.

Tonight was "loved ones" visit night. So there was the requisite crying. I thought it would be funny to have the producers swerve the Survivors by bringing in other peoples' families. "Dan, here's Bobby, the second cousin of our camera man!"

Chase and his Mom won the reward challenge. He chose Sash and his Mom, and Holly and her husband to go along. Fabio had a meltdown over it. And Dan got all high and mighty about how Chase lost the million dollars. DAN:THE MAN WITH 2 BAD KNEES WHO CAN'T RUN AND IS IN THE FINAL SIX BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS THEY CAN BEAT HIM!

Fabio won immunity, which threw a wrench into the plans to vote him off. Jane became the target and she had a total freak out over it, going on and on about liars and back stabbers, apparently forgetting what game she's on. And Jeff really stirred it up at Tribal Council by basically telling the three on the outs that they could team up and vote out Holly instead of getting picked off by the other three.

In the end, Jane was voted out.

Sunday: 20 minutes of interesting TV stretched over 3 hours.


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