All a-Twitter 2

Back in the summer, I noted that I was using 9 different Twitter clients/apps over 5 different computers/devices.

For whatever reason, I decided to revisit that list today.

Twitter for iPhone
Twitter for BlackBerry
HootSuite for iPhone
HootSuite Lite for iPhone (Yes, I use both on my phone. One is personal. One is work-related. So there is no possible way of me accidentally posting from the wrong account.)
TweetDeck (very occasionally)
Twitter website (even more occasionally than TweetDeck)

So I'm down more to a core group of apps - HootSuite and the Twitter mobile clients. Despite some growing reservations about HootSuite dividing their services into free and paid components, it's still overall a better solution to me than TweetDeck as it's web based and more portable for me across computers than the hard-drive bound TweetDeck app. And TweetDeck for iPhone is long gone on my phone.

One difference between now and then is that I'm now using text messaging to update Facebook and Twitter from time to time instead of pulling up HootSuite on my phone to do it.


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