Star Wars novel rant

While on vacation, I read Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter, an older Star Wars novel that I more or less picked up randomly off the shelf of a bookstore on Maui.

It was fine - a little strange to be reading a novel where the "hero" is actually the villain, and, in fact, all of the actual heroes end up dying in the end. But it was a fun - if dark - little romp.

But I had one major nitpick with the plotting.

It's established very early on in the novel that Darsha Assant, the Padawan apprentice of Anoon Bondara, must complete her Jedi Trials in order to become a full Jedi Knight. Her trial? "Assant was given the task of recovering the Fondorian informant Oolth from Coruscant's undercity as the trial for her Knighthood."

Amazingly, her Jedi master frets about this task, wondering if it will be too difficult for her.
"It is a most ... arduous mission," Master Bondara said. "I am surprised at Master Windu's choice of this particular test."
Yet, when it goes horribly wrong and she's been missing for two days, Windu wonders what's taking her so long.
"It's been almost 48 hours. The mission should not have taken more than four or five at the most."

Seriously, now. Either the Jedi Trials are difficult or they're not. If her master thought this was so difficult (and in the end, he was proven right) then why did the council think this should be a piece of cake? And if the council thought this, why was this her passage into Knighthood?

It didn't make any sense to me at all.

And, yes, I think about this too much.


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