Life's a beach

One of the things we've discovered about Maui is that it tends to get quite windy in the afternoon, so we decided today to go snorkeling in the morning when it was calmer on the water.

The beach across the street from the condo has some nice volcanic reefs with lots of colorful fish in it, quite close to shore and in water maybe 6 feet deep. Good stuff.

Very nice snorkeling for not a lot of effort.

In the afternoon, we walked down the street mainly to see what amenities were in the neighborhood. On the way back we stopped at another beach (Ok, another part of the same long beach, but around a bend) where Michelle splashed in the water some more and Nicole and I stalked sand crabs and pondered why there were so many dead wasps on shore.

Our wannabe fashion model strikes a pose.

After that, it was off to the pool for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow: The Road to Hana.


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