Beachy keen

The loose plan for the day was to spend it at the beach. That worked quite well in the morning as it was sunny and warm. The kids and I tried boogie boarding with mixed success but it was still fun. And when we weren't in the water we watched the myriad of sand crabs that scuttle across the beach.

But when we went back to the beach after lunch, it had clouded over and the wind had really kicked up, making anything not nailed down - sand, dogs, small children - airborne. This was slightly less fun than getting a root canal so Char and Nicole retreated to the pool. Michelle insisted on making a sand sculpture, so she did that as I inhaled 27 metric tonnes of sand.

The weather didn't really improve much in the afternoon: windy, cloudy and "cool" (by Hawaiian standards - it's 28). This is the worst weather we've had so far, but no complaints.

In other news, I've finished the Dave Barry novel (the most fun I've had reading a novel that contains multiple gangland slayings) and have now resorted to reading the sample chapters of pretty much every book on iBooks. Char's on her second novel of the trip, having finished the one she brought. She's taken one from the mini-library at our condo.

Tomorrow: Up early for a morning snorkel trip to Molokini Island. Bringing the underwater cameras for this trip.


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