Random Wednesday

With nothing formal on the agenda today, it was an opportunity to do some little things we hadn't had the chance to do yet. We went down south to a different snorkeling beach, where we saw gobs of fish. Best snorkeling spot we've been to so far, which includes Molokini Island.

Then we went to the Shops at Wailea. That was interesting for 2 reasons: the stores included really high end places like Gucci and Tiffany where I'm pretty sure we couldn't afford to breathe the air, and we were still dressed from snorkeling in our wet, sandy bathing suits looking like drowned rats. Needless to say, we didn't go *in* the stores...not that they would have allowed us in anyway...

From there we continued south to Big Beach which is a, um, big beach. Yeah. Truth in advertising. Actually, it reminded us of Grand Beach, which is a good thing. What was really impressive, however, were the gigantic waves wiping out anyone who came within 10 feet of shore. Even Nicole, our lifeguard, was too intimidated to go into the water.

After lunch, it was off to Hilo Hattie for some shopping. They had one of those "dive for your own pearl" promotions and Michelle ended up with two nice pearls that she's going to get turned into earrings. She was soooooo happy. Seriously. She was beaming over getting two pearls.

From there, it was off Starbucks. Oh sure, you laugh, but it was the first time we've been to any Starbucks this entire trip.

All of this was done under cloudy and windy skies. The beautiful morning turned cloudy and fairly cool (again, by Hawaii standards) and when we were at Big Beach it actually rained on us.

Reading material update: I went to a book store yesterday and bought two books, a Star Wars novel and a Star Trek novel. Working through the Star Wars book. It's pretty good.

Tomorrow: We wrap up our trip with an evening luau. Nothing says Hawaii like pig on a stick.


MJ said…
seriously, the first Starbucks?? You guys must have been in serious withdrawl . . . :}

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