Hawaii bound!

Hawaii sea turtle
We're departing today for Hawaii (!!) for nearly 3 weeks of uninterrupted sun, surf and sand on the Big Island and Maui.

But fear not! For this is the age of social media, and your humble host is nothing if not a geek. So there will be updates from the road - mainly for the benefit of the family, but also for any casual interlopers who stumble upon these pages.

The plan is to have a blog post up every day, almost assuredly at the end of the day, giving some measure of detail on what we've been doing. Thanks to my ZoomIt, I should be able to post some pictures, too.

I'm relying on the free wifi at our condos to post stuff from my iPod Touch at night. During the day, finding free Internet access in Hawaii is not going to be a high priority. All of our vacation posts will have the Hawaii tag, so as we go along the next three weeks, you can find previous posts by clicking on the tag.

Our next blog update will probably be Wednesday evening after we get to our condo in Hilo. We get into Kona about 7:40 tonight Hawaii time (11:40 p.m. Edmonton time) tonight and we're staying the night at a Kona hotel. Then we're doing a slow, touristy drive across the Big Island on Wednesday morning and afternoon to Hilo.

Thanks to our friends D+K who are staying in our house during the time we're gone.



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