Random thoughts

As you read this, we're on a plane (or perhaps stuck in an airport waiting on a delayed plane). So here's some random thoughts from our Hawaii trip, compiled as we went along.

* On our last Hawaii vacation in 2007, the girls found the Game Show Network and watched it constantly when we were in our condo. This trip, same thing. Personally, I have absolutely no idea what our channel selections were like on the 2 islands because the only channel we watched was GSN. On the flip side, I'm now a pop culture expert in 25,000 Pyramid.

* "Aloha" is one of those multipurpose words that means "hello," "goodbye" and "crush those baseball players from Edmonton!". At least, that's my conclusion based on the PA announcer at the Maui baseball game encouraging fans by yelling, "Come on Maui! Show them your Aloha!" whenever the Maui team needed a rally.

* The Kamaole Sands condo complex is very nice and clean, to the point they rake dead leaves every morning. Impressive.

* Another great benefit of the condo complex were the BBQ stations - a series of Weber gas grills set up for use by the guests. They were kept immaculate by the staff and we used them as often as we could to cook meat. Accordingly, we ate much better on this trip than we did in Oahu.

* The speed limits on Hawaiian highways are ridiculously low. A major Hawaiian highway will usually top out at 45 mph, or 72 kmh. Imagine being forced to drive QE2 from Edmonton to Red Deer at 72 kmh. There's a few spots where the highway speeds hit 55 mph for a stretch, but not many.

* Our Saturday lunch in Lahaina was at the Cool Cat Cafe, a 50s style diner. The food was excellent, if messy - there's no good way to get a gigantic hamburger in your mouth without the aid of a knife and fork. The kids said the burgers were on par with Edmonton's Delux Burger Bar.

* Entirely unsurprisingly, once we started feeding our little bird, it came everyday for food. What we noticed is that the little bird was being stalked by much bigger myna birds, and when the little bird left and we exited the patio, the myna birds would swoop in and clean up any leftovers.


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