Oooohhh .... I love turtles

Another Hawaii video. This one I'm posting directly, as the YouTube version is way too pixelated and I'm not happy with it in that form.

This is a video of Green Sea Turtles, which was taken on the North Shore of Oahu. There was a spot where about 50 Green Sea Turtles would come every day to sun themselves and eat. This site is well known in Hawaii, but it isn't advertised very much. If you know about it, great, and if you don't, it's just an unmarked spot on a beach near the highway that you'll drive by before you even know you've missed it. I can't remember how my wife discovered its existence, but good thing she did, as we stopped here twice during our trip, and it was a fantastic experience. The kids loved it.

Interested observers were allowed to go in the water to swim and snorkel with them, as long as we didn't touch or crowd them. (The turtles were allowed to touch or crowd us, however.)


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