Heaven in a cup!

I was at Costco today and on a whim picked up a tin of Schokinag European Extreme Dark European Drinking Chocolate.

Think of it as really dark hot chocolate, except instead of a powder, you're buying tiny dark chocolate chips dusted in cocoa that melt into hot milk. Yummy!

It reminded me a bit of Starbucks' Chantico drinking chocolate that the company used to sell. I had that once, and it was delicious, but the six-ounce size was actually too large for what was basically a cup of melted chocolate mixed with whole milk. The only time I tried it, I couldn't finish it - which was a badge of shame for this chocoholic.

The Schokinag isn't as thick as the Chantico, and isn't quite as intensely flavoured, but it's still the most delicious store bought hot chocolate mix beverage I've ever had.

Next time I make it, I might throw in a couple of shots of espresso and try a mega-dark cafe mocha.


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