Firefox weirdness

As I mentioned below, I downloaded and installed the Firefox 3 Beta 3 last week, and found it to be quite spiffy, even if had broken most of my extensions.

I had been using it for a few days and not thinking to much about it when I realized that all my extensions were back. And some of the Beta 3 changes were gone.

Apparently, Firefox had downloaded the latest patch for Firefox 2.0 and in the process, it "updated" itself from version 3B3 to version 2.0012. So, now, when I start FF, I get the updated 2.0012 ... except for the odd time it actually starts up version 3B3.

In short, I seem to be using some kind of mutant version 2.0012-Beta3 combo browser. I would download the beta version again, but I much prefer having my extensions back to using the faster Version 3, so at this point, I'm going to wait for the release version of 3 and stick with my mutant hybrid browser.


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