Buy Hulk Hogan's destroyed title belt

An actual ring-used WWF title belt that was worn by Hulk Hogan is up for sale on eBay. It's being sold by PawNtheSandman, who I can vouch for as a real person who is a serious collector of championship belts.

Background on the belt, courtesy of the auction:
On October 31, 1989, at WWF Saturday Night's Main Event XXIV, The Genius defeated WWF Champion Hulk Hogan by count out. Hogan was counted out after Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig hit Hogan in the back with the WWF title belt. After the match, Mr. Perfect stole Hulk's WWF championship belt.

Later that night, Mr. Perfect came out with the belt, and proceeded to destroy the belt with a hammer to send a message to Hulk Hogan.

For years after that night, many people wondered what happened to that belt. Many people believed it was simply thrown away. Numerous others believed the WWF Hardcore Title was made from the same belt destroyed that night in 1989.

Now we know the truth.

After being destroyed, Hulk Hogan's WWF belt, and as many of the pieces that could be found, were collected and eventually ended up in the private collection of then WWF referee/booker Mel Phillips. Mel maintained possession of the belt until I acquired it through his estate sale.


Jim Whitelaw said…
Wow, shipping to Canada is only $1.00 for that belt. Good deal. You should buy two. :)

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