It's hard to believe there are still people in the world this dumb

I had the 6 o'clock news on, and a "troubleshooter" story came on about someone who had been stopped in a parking lot and offered a great deal on a home theatre system that was surplus or some fool thing, and it was worth $3,000 but could be had for $400 right now. Cash only.

It turns out the home theatre system was junk and not at all what was advertised (I know, I'm shocked, too, but stay with me here), and the people who bought it felt so ripped off by this act of treachery that they went to the local TV new station to get publicity for their poor plight.

The TV news person explained that this is a variation of the white van scam.

Warnings were given about buying "bargains" out of the back of vans in parking lots.

Eyes were rolled.

Well, at least by me.

I'm not sure what's worse:

a) Falling for such an obvious scam or
b) Complaining about it on TV.


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