The Amazing Race 22 Episode 7 Spoiler Review

Still in Botswana, teams drive themselves to a village. The Country Singers get the "deep personal" moment at the beginning of the show, which is the usual CBS trick to tell viewers that they're going home at the end of tonight's show. The Hockey Brothers, in first, struggle without having anyone to follow. Seriously. And then the Country Singers get a speeding ticket doing 95 kmh in a 60 zone. They were fined 820 pula (which Google converts to $99.38 US).

The clue box had the Fast Forward and the Hockey Brothers went for it. The task was waterskiing for a mile in a crocodile-infested body of water. They accomplished the task without getting eaten. The Roadblock was using a canoe to transport two goats.

Meanwhile, the Country Singers went to pay their speeding ticket only to discover that local police forces in foreign countries don't take American currency. So they gave $100 to a total stranger and asked him to change the money because the cops wouldn't let them leave the police station.

So the Newlyweds also got caught in the speed trap and got a ticket. Tonight is less Amazing Race and more Cops.

The nice man came back with the Country Singers' pula and they paid their ticket. Meanwhile, back in the river, Team Mullet was going in circles with their canoe and started bickering to the point you started rooting for the crocodiles. As did the Roller Derby Moms. I know having crocodiles eating contestants is probably against the rules, but...

After canoeing goats, teams made their way to a wildlife preserve.

The Newlyweds got into line at the police station to pay their speeding ticket.

Unsurprisingly, the Hockey Brothers were Team 1.

The Newlyweds paied their speeding ticket and manage to back their truck into a pole leaving the police station. They haven't even made it to the Roadblock and they have a Speed Bump to do as well, and we're more than halfway through tonight's episode. But they were very happy to discover that Team YouTube were actually behind them due to getting so lost that they drove to Europe (not really). But the Speed Bump let Team YouTube get ahead.

The Detour involved a horse back safari scavenger hunt thingy, or using donkeys to pull wood half a mile.

Roller Derby Moms were Team 2. Country Singers were Team 3, so their deep, personal moment at the beginning did not foreshadow their elimination. The Mullets were Team 4.

The donkey battle between the Newlyweds and YouTubers for last place went awry when the YouTubers donkeys hit a tree. Don't ask. Meanwhile, Pam and Winnie kept screwing up with the symbols they needed to find on horseback, so they changed tasks, dooming themselves to last place.

The YouTubers were Team 5. Newlyweds were 6. Pam and Winnie were eliminated.

Next week: Nothing. In two weeks, Switzerland!


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