The Amazing Race 22 Episode 3 Spoiler Review

When we last left Dave and Connor, Dave had ruptured his Achilles Tendon, and the previews for tonight's show strongly hint that it's a game ender for him. The doctor tells him that the muscle is torn and he needs to see a specialist.

Teams are off to New Zealand, where the Orc problem, has, thankfully, been licked by some plucky Hobbits. Dave and Connor depart in second place, but are, apparently, going to be heading to Tahiti to see the specialist - although it's unclear whether they're actually on this leg proper or not.

The teams have to connect through Tahiti. Where, apparently, the airport is closed. Dave and Connor see the doctor there and the Achilles Tendon was totally torn. Dave gets himself a stability boot and hobbles around on his crutches to try to get as far as they can in the race.

Team Mullets end up on the last flight out of New Zealand, while Pam and Winnie are in the lead. Teams have to drive themselves to a gorge and take a jet boat tour. Pam and Winnie got lost, and Dave and Connor got the first ticket. Teams had to camp out overnight in tents.

The Detour was a choice between using an ATV to drive a dirt course and take a vintage car through pylons in a certain amount of time, or fish for a 12-incher. Dave and Connor decided to do the cars except when they got there the car had a clutch, so they had to fish instead because Dave couldn't shift gears with his boot.

Dave and Connor decided to use their Express Pass to skip the fishing task and move on.

Back at the race course, teams were making a half-dozen runs to get the time they needed. From there, it was off to Mount Hutt station.

Team Mullet went fishing and caught fish.

The Roadblock required one team member to do a messy obstacle course race called a Shemozzle. It included collecting chicken eggs.

Dave and Connor completed the Roadblock and headed to the pit stop, where they were Team 1, but it wasn't a pit stop, it was a clue to the next leg. And Dave hesitated on taking the next clue and said he might pull out... TO BE CONTINUED

Next week: Teams had to Bali ... but are Dave and Connor with them?


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