The Amazing Race 22 Episode 4 Spoiler Review

So the whole "Will he or won't he" with Dave and Connor lasts, oh, 4 seconds and they take their clue and it's like, "We're off to Bali!" And so they are. Where a monkey will give them the next clue.

The teams had to give a coconut to a monkey, who would, in theory, open it and show them their next clue. Except for the monkeys who ran off with the coconut or just ignored them. The clue was for the Detour - collecting sand from a river to a brick maker, or building a religious shrine of fruit.

Pam and Winnie and Dave and Connor were the first to finish the fruit task and were off to a surfing beach for the next clue. The Surfers headed to the wrong place and built a different kind of religious shrine in front of a confused man. Someone helpfully pointed them in the right direction.

Over at the surfing beach, the Roadblock had one team mate having to find a specific surfboard with the image of the Tahitian priest from the last leg. And then they had to pick up their partner and take the surfboard to the pit stop.

Dave and Connor were Team 1. Which isn't bad considering Dave is running with one leg. Pam and Winnie were second. Max and Katie were third.

Back at the Shrine, Jessica and John, the surfers, decided to switch detours, even though they have an Express Pass. I can't see this ending well.

Caroline and Jennifer, the Country Swingers, were fourth, but had the wrong surfboard, so they were not checked in. So they tried again, and got it wrong again. Caroline had a little meltdown. The YouTubers were driven to the wrong surf beach.

The Country Singers ended up checking in as team number four.

Team Mullet also grabbed an incorrect surfboard, which delayed them. And Chuck also ran a million miles in the wrong direction.

The YouTubers were Team 5. Roller Derby Moms were Team 6. Hockey Brothers were Team 7. Mullets were Team 8.

So John and Jessica spent more than an hour looking for the correct surfboard and got sent home with an Express Pass in their back pocket. I kinda hope that she broke up with him instantly.

Next week: Double U-Turn. Treachery is afoot.


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