Survivor Caramoan Episode 4 Spoiler Review

Following last week's Tribal Council, Eddie had a meltdown at camp over Hope getting voted out, and declared his hatred for the rest of his tribe. Hey, that plan ALWAYS works.

At the Favorites tribe, Secret Agent Man inducted Russell Hantz's Nephew into Stealth R Us, and was given the name The Conqueror. And then Erik - the Silent One. And then Brenda, who is now Serenity. Like I don't have enough trouble remember their REAL names. Good grief. Maybe give them cool superhero costumes or something. That would help.

There was an actual reward challenge that didn't involve immunity. They were playing for a local bushman, who will bring chicken and vegetables and improve their camp life. Cochran sat out the challenge due to uneven numbers and the fact that his skin was peeling like a moulting snake. Gross. Favorites won a challenge that involved all of them having to stand on a platform approximately six inches across. Group hug!

So at the Favorites camp, a little Yoda-like guy came and shows them how to cook rice in bamboo. Malcolm declared he was a Philippino Gollum. GOLLUM!? Crazy talk. Gollum never taught anyone how to cook rice in bamboo, nor did Gollum ever get kissed on the cheek by a tribe full of girls. Then again, neither did Yoda. Although now that Disney owns Star Wars, I wouldn't put it past them for the next movie.

Back at the Fans camp, Shamar continued his excellent impression of a house cat and curled up in the shelter and slept for 19 hours while demanding his tribe mates bring him rice at least once a day. To be fair, only 1 of our cats eats rice.

When we return from commercial, it's Weather Armageddon and then rats. And then it was over in about 10 seconds of TV time. Last week's entire preview of tonight's episode was based on the weather stuff, and it was over like that. Total bat and switch.

Shamar had problem with is eye - sand got in it and he scratched it and it got all swollen. Jeff came in with the medical team. He had a divot in a cornea. Medical recommended he get pulled from the game to see a specialist. And even though last week he wanted to quit the game, this week he was sad about having to leave the game due to an injury. And so he was gone. His tribe was ... sad isn't quite the right word. Measuredly indifferent and feigning sadness maybe?

They still went through the immunity challenge despite the fact that someone was already knocked out of the game. Swimming, tile bashing, keys, trunks, balls, throwing. The usual mishmash of random skills. The Favorites won immunity.

At Tribal Council, Reynold played his hidden immunity idol. It was for naught, as Laura "won" the vote outright and was voted off. Sucks for the fans as they lost two people today.

Next week: Russell Hantz's Nephew destroys his own camp and terrorizes his tribe.


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