Survivor Caramoan Episode 7 Spoiler Review

We more or less kick off the show with the Reward Challenge, which is a Survivor Coffee Bar. The challenge was the teams linked together carrying sand bags, chasing each other around a water course. The younger team won (the Gota tribe). Secret Agent Man's team lost. He did poorly.

At Gota, Malcolm got the Alpha Males together in an alliance so they wouldn't get picked off in the merge.

Back at Bikal, Julia and Dawn chatted about Secret Agent Man, and whether he could be toppled.

Immunity was another weird mishmash of skill sets - rowing boats, diving, keys, statues, grappling hooks ... Gota won. So Bikal is off to Tribal Council again.

Secret Agent Man pulled Cochran aside and told him that he threw the challenge to get rid of Julia. Cochran didn't believe a word of it.

Can you tell from how little I've written tonight that I'm just not into tonight's episode? The "Secret Agent Man is crazy but his tribe can't be bothered to vote him out" thing is getting very old. I mean, he cost his team both challenges today and continued his ridiculous bullying of his entire tribe.

Michael and Julia tied with 3 votes each. They re-voted. Julia got the boot.

Next week: The tribes merge. And it's the gross food competition!


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