Survivor Caramoan Episode 5 Spoiler Review

Russell Hantz's Nephew talks about how selfish he feels leaving his wife and two kids behind to play a silly game. And he volunteers to be voted out of the game next time they're at Tribal Council.

Reward challenge was for barbecue. Favorites won, as the Fans tribe disintegration continues.

Given that Reynold played his idol last week, everyone on the Fans tribe went looking for the newly rehidden island. Hey, Reynold found it! How about that? He's not going to tell anyone this time. That sounds like a good plan.

Back at the Favorites tribe, Russell Hantz's Nephew had an argument with Secret Agent Man. Corrinne declared that RHN is "unstable." Really? What was the first clue?

RHN declares that as long as he can keep himself under control, he'll be fine with Secret Agent Man. Now there's some quality foreshadowing.

Secret Agent Man considered having his tribe throw the challenge to get Russell Hantz's Nephew out of the game. Word got back to RHN that Secret Agent Man wanted him out of the game, and the two of them had another confrontation. RHN has a total meltdown over the Stealth R Us stuff and starts dumping out the rice and beans while the rest of the tribe looks on in horror.

At the immunity challenge, RHN tells the Fans tribe that he's their "second chance" and told them not to let Secret Agent Man to the end of the game. Corrine announced that their tribe is forfeiting the challenge to go to Tribal Council. Jeff pulls RHN out to a neutral area, and lets him vent on his tribe - or, mostly Secret Agent Man. It's an epic rant. WWE needs to sign this man immediately and put him in a wrestling ring. Jeff says, "You seem a little hostile" in the biggest understatement of all time. Andrea starting crying. RHN and Secret Agent Man have another screamfest at each other. Jeff basically asks RHN if the entire family is crazy - albeit in a much more polite way.

The Favorites forfeit and walk the idol over to the Fans, who happily take the win however they can get it. And they have a Tribal Council with no ballots - oral declaration of vote - right there on the immunity challenge course. And like that, Russell Hantz's Nephew gets ignominiously voted out. That ranks up as one of the weirdest Survivor moments ever. And please never let anyone named Hantz play this game again.

Next week: Secret Agent Man and Corrinne target each other. And a big hint of a merge.


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