Survivor Caramoan Episode 6 Spoiler Review

Both teams get summoned before Jeff for a Tribe Switch, which is going to force me to have to learn actual names of people because it's not Fans vs. Favorites anymore. And, worse, it was pretty much a half-and-half split, so I'm totally confused. Erik and Malcolm and Andrea and Brenda are on the "Fans" tribe with Reynold. Matt, Julia and Michael joined the "Favorites" tribe.

Secret Agent Man immediately tried to sway Julia into his wacky Alliance. She looked at him like he was crazy. Good judge of character, this one. But she decided to play along. He tells Corinne about this, which makes her upset for reasons I don't fully understand due to not paying attention and being too lazy to rewind the PVR.

The immunity challenge involved rolling giant crates and then building a staircase with them. The orange "Fans" team easily won against the Purple former Favorites tribe featuring Secret Agent Man.

Secret Agent Man targeted Julia for tribal council. He started lecturing Matt and Michael about Stealth R Us. They looked on with some incredulity, but, like everyone, they go along with the raving lunatic. Matt and Michael tell Julia they're voting for Dawn (which they're not, of course).

The favorites reconsider and wonder if voting off Matt is the better idea, to break up his two-man alliance with Michael.

After the votes were cast, it was, indeed, Matt, who got the boot.

Next week: Secret Agent Man flakes out, Malcolm becomes the power on his tribe.


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