The Amazing Race 22 Episode 6 Spoiler Review

The teams were off to Botswana. Everyone was on the same flight. Once they arrived, they had to sign up for one of three safari charter flights. It was very pretty and there were lots of cool animals. Teams then drove themselves down an old road where they had to dig for scorpions with a bushman. That was far less cool. The bushmen putting the scorpions to sleep in their mouths was the freakiest thing I've ever seen. The teams then had to drive their bushmen and jarred scorpion back down the road.

The Detour was either lighting a fire using 2 sticks (which is more than most participants on Survivor can do) or catching a guinea fowl in a home made trap. The latter was considerably easier than the former, and a number of teams switched from the fire detour.

From there, it was off to the pit stop. Huh. That's it? Oh well, the bushmen totally stole the show tonight.

The hockey brothers were team 1. Pam and Winnie were second. Team Mullet staged a big comeback into third. YouTube was fourth. Country Girls were fifth. Roller Derby Moms were six. Max and Katie were the last team, but it was a non-elimination leg, so they're saved.

Next week: The Mullets have trouble paddling in a river, and the race turns on donkeys.


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