The Amazing Race Season 21 Episode 9 Spoiler Review

The teams are giving a flag to the Netherlands, and have to figure out that the flag is the Netherlands, not any other country where the flag is a white, red and blue stripe. Like, France. Which is where Trey and Lexi decide to go. Until they run into the Chippendales at the airport, who steer them in the correct direction.

The first three teams at the airport plotted to U-Turn Abbie and Ryan.

The Goat Farmers started the leg 11 hours behind the lead team.

The Twins were the first to arrive in Amsterdam. The clue had the Fast Forward and they were smart enough to go for it considering how far ahead they were.

In Frankfurt, Abbie and Ryan missed their connecting flight to Amsterdam. But they had tickets on a second connecting flight, so they got on that. And then that plane had mechanical problems. They had to switch planes.

The Chippendales arrived, headed for the Fast Forward.

The Twins had to eat 5 herring each in 7 minutes. They did it with less than a minute to spare and got to go to the pit stop.

Trey and Lexi were third in Frankfurt.

The Detour was a choice between recreating a Rembrandt masterpiece using live actors, or being an organ grinder on the street for Euros.

Abbie and Ryan and the Goat Farmers finally arrived in Amsterdam. On separate plans but at the same time. So they commiserated at the airport and decided to run the leg together again.

From the Detour it was off to a museum where there was a Double U-Turn. Chippendales went with the agreement and U-Turned Abbie and Ryan.

The Roadblock was ditch vaulting. Which is a throwback to an earlier season that no one in the room watching with me remembered. James and Jaymes nailed it on the first try.

And the Chippendales were Team 2.

So Trey and Lexi went with Part 2 of the plan and U-turned the Chippendales so that Abbie and Ryan couldn't U-turn the Goat Farmers and stay in the game.

Abbie and Ryan and the Goat Farmers did the Rembrandt part of the detour, and pulled, pushed and prodded people in costume into position.

Trey and Lexi were Team 3.

Abbie and Ryan arrived at the Double U-turn and their hearts fell. And then they had to go organ grind late in the afternoon in the rain.

The Goat Farmers were Team 4.

Abbie and Ryan were eliminated. They were very sad.

Next week: "Bull fighting" in Spain.


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