The Amazing Race Season 21 Episode 8 Spoiler Review

For some reason, this came on an hour earlier on the Atlantic Canadian feeds. So we watched it.

When we last left our intrepid racers, James and Abba's cab drove away with their bags, while the Goat Farmers couldn't swim and Abbie and Ryan . This led to a DRAMATIC CLIFFHANGER, which better not result in us watching the last 3 teams struggle for 50 minutes before one of them is eliminated.

So as we pick up the start of the show, the Goat Farmers were given ONE MORE TRY to get the synchro swimming because the pool was closing. And they failed. They got their clue anyway, but incurred a four-hour time penalty.

James and Abba got the police involved in finding their backpacks, basically arguing that they were stolen. Then they contacted the US Embassy to try to get an emergency passport issued.

The Goat Farmers and Abbie and Ryan showed up on the mat together. A&R were Team 4, and the Goat Farmers were Team 5. And they assessed the 4 hour penalty on the Goat Farmers at the start of the next leg. So James and Abba were the last team to arrive. However, by the Power Vested In Phil By CBS, it's a non-elimination leg. But unless they get their passports, they'll be eliminated. So they're last but not eliminated unless they are. OK.

As the next leg of the, er, leg begins, teams are off to Study Building No. 6 at an agricultural academy. Trey and Lexi had 2 taxis drop them off at the wrong place. So the Chippendales arrived first to the college.

Meanwhile, Trey and Lexi were getting the scenic tour of Russia courtesy of a chain smoking cab driver wearing a pink shirt and green plaid jacket.

The Roadblock involved calculating times in Russian cities based on a timezone map that you got to look at briefly. It took Lexi and James 11 attempts to realize they were doing the math wrong.

From there, it was on to the Detour: Russian soldier dancing, or identifying 7 Russian leaders from lookalikes at a costume party.

The Chippendales decided to do the dancing despite the fact that James (or Jaymes) sprained an ankle back in Shanghai and was in a lot of pain trying to do the dance moves. Which makes the dancing a poor decision. But they gutted it out.

The Twins arrived at the agricultural college, took one look at the clue and immediately used their Express Pass, in the most anti-climatic fashion possible. So they skipped that and moved on to the Detour.

Meanwhile, James and Jaymes (or maybe Jaymes and James) finished the dancing and it was already off to the Pit Stop. Trey and Lexi finished right behind them.

Back at the dancing, one of the twins ripped the daylights out of her pants.

And back at the starting line, Abbie and Ryan took off to begin the leg, while the Goat Farmers waited out their 4 hour penalty and James and Abba waited at the Pit Stop Hotel for news on their passports. (We're at the point where 20% of the remaining players in this game are named James.)

The Chippendales were Team No. 1. Trey and Lexi were Team 2.

At the Roadblock, Ryan figured he'd breeze through the time zone challenge. And he was very surprised to find out he was wrong. And then it became Benny Hill-style rapid-fire editing as CBS had some fun with it.

The Twins were Team 3.

The Goat Farmers finally started the leg, 45 minutes into this episode.

James and Abba also started their leg, and basically used their time to call the Embassy and police station.

After 18 time zone tests, Ryan was not getting the math involved in the time zone map, and Abbie (who couldn't participate) figured it out. FINALLY, Ryan figured out why Moscow was +4 in its own time zone and after 24 tests, he got it on test 25.

James and Abba went to the police station. It went nowhere. They may still be in Russia today for all I know. So they went back on to the race course.

The Goat Farmers figured out the time zone thing right away.

Abbie and Ryan finished their dance stuff quickly.

The Goat Farmers went to identify Russian leaders and did some dancing and sword-fighting, which wasn't a part of the task. They ripped through it perfectly and it was off to the pit stop.

Abbie and Ryan were Team 4. The Goat Farmers were Team 5.

So James and Abba are automatically eliminated, regardless of what happens with their passport situation.

Next week: The Chippendales consider a game-changing U-Turn. And Abbie and Ryan have another airline disaster.


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