The Amazing Race Season 21 Episode 7 Spoiler Review

Teams leave Turkey to fly to Moscow and head to a sculpture park. Trey and Lexi are the first to the airport, can't find an airline to give them a flight (they want Aeroflot, but can't find it), so they go to Popeye's for food. That makes sense.

The Goat Farmers and Abbie and Ryan were on a flight with a tight connecting flight time of just an hour, and the originating flight was immediately delayed, with a 3 minute turnaround by the time they got on the ground. They didn't make it. Their next earliest flight didn't arrive for 12 hours after the other teams landed. Well, for once we didn't get an airport equalizer.

The sculpture park didn't open until 9:30 a.m. so that turned out to be an equalizer - except for the teams stranded in the connecting airport. So with 2 teams so far behind, the only real drama is whether the Goat Farmers or Abbie and Ryan will be eliminated. (Yet somehow, I don't think that's going to be the case.)

Meanwhile, the rest of the teams had a Detour choice between picking books from a Russian library, or synchronized swimming. Twinnies and Chippendales chose the swimming option. But the choices were really between ridiculously hard and comedically difficult.

Back at Warsaw, the two remaining teams were sad as they waited for their connecting flight.

Rock-Law bailed on the library task to go swimming. That was not a smart decision. The Twins struggled with the swimming and decided to use the Express Pass. The Chippendales tried to talk them out of wasting it on the grounds that they were still in the top tier of teams and the teams that had missed their plane weren't there yet.

The Chippendales finished the swimming and the twins, having been guilted against using the Express Pass, tried again. Of course, they succeeded.

Trey and Lexi finished their library task and it was off to the Trees of Love for the Roadblock. It involved keys and locks. And her talking a lot about marrying him.

Meanwhile, back in Warsaw, the final two teams decided to run the rest of the leg together and formed a pact. Not sure what actual benefit there is to that.

The Roadblock led to the Bolshoi Theatre, which was the pit stoop.

James and Abba were so bad at the synchro swimming that the instructor considered a career change.

Trey and Lexi were Team 1 again.

Finally, the last 2 teams arrived in Moscow.

Chippendales were Team 2.

The Final Four had to do the synchronized swimming option because the library was closing.

James and Abba finally finished the synchronized swimming.

The twins were Team 3.

James and Abba got to the Tree of Love, decided they'd be there too long, and went to send their cab away. Except they couldn't find their cab. They've lost all their stuff. And knowing how Amazing Race edits, they'll come back from the commercial and it'll be all, "OH, THERE'S OUR CAB! HAHAH! WE THOUGHT HE WAS GONE IN A DRAMATIC MOMENT BUT HE WAS HERE ALL ALONG! HAHAHA!"

And we're back from commercial and no cab. Yet.

Back at the swimming pool, I've decided that the swimming pool judge, despite not speaking English, has more personality and charisma than half of the contestants.

James and Abba. Still no cab. They briefly pondered jumping off the bridge.

Abbie and Ryan finished the synchronized swimming task and decided that they'd wait for the Goat Farmers. Which, again, makes absolutely zero sense.

James and Abba headed to the pit stop minus their bags and passports. Phil stared a hole in them. "You're the fourth team to arrive. However, as you know, in order to stay in the race, you need your passports."


Next week: Does the cab get found?


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