Survivor Philippines Episode 10 Spoiler Review

When we last left our Survivors, someone named Artis was voted off. Pretty sure he'd never been in the game before last week. (Have I run that joke into the ground yet?)

As we start the game, Lisa tries to have a reasonable conversation with Abi. AHAHAHAHHAAH! Poor Lisa. That's impossible.

And we're already at the reward challenge. The reward is a spa day on a separate island. Skupin ended up costing his team the win. So Carter, Malcolm, Pete and Abi won the spa day. They immediately declared that wouldn't talk strategy. When they get back to camp, Abi brags about the experience and then declares she's not cooking any more. The rest of the tribe think she's lost her mind.

Skupin and Lisa had a conversation about strategy and the final 3. My work iPhone kept dinging, so I missed a bunch of it. Jonathan, Skupin and Lisa also had a conversation about strategy and the final 3. I know I'm distracted but this episode isn't lighting my world on fire yet and it's halfway over.

Malcolm, Skupin, Denise and Lisa decided they were the final four and made a pact. But Skupin wasn't entirely comfortable with it.

The immunity challenge was a series of elimination challenges. Malcolm, Jonathan, Denise, Skupin and Carter moved onto the second round. Skupin, Carter and Denise made it to the final round. Carter won immunity.

Jonathan plotted to vote out either Pete or Abi. Lisa and Abi tried to have another conversation. Abi got pouty. Pete and Skupin considered whether to vote for Malcolm and try to flush out his idol.

At Tribal Council, Malcolm acknowledged that he's a target. Abi expressed her regrets for her actions last week, and noted that English isn't her first language and said that may be why her attitude may be perceived as not the most gentle. Well, she's somewhat self-aware. And then Denise said she knows lots of people whose first language isn't English and they're nothing like Abi. Jeff noted that everyone hates Abi and that she'd be the perfect person to go to the end. Denise and Abi then tried to have a discussion. It went as well as you could expect. Abi didn't realize that everyone hated her. OK, she's not that self-aware.

Abi played her hidden immunity idol. Pete was voted out by a 3-2 vote over Malcolm after Abi's votes were tossed.

Next week: Abi cries.


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