Blogger finally has a better mobile app.

Blogger updated its mobile blogging software today, and the new app isn't completely terrible. Which is a definite improvement on its old app, which was so rudimentary it wouldn't have been cutting edge on the original iPhone.

The new app, which is being used to compose this update, has a better layout, iPad support and apparently, and scheduled post support, although at the point that I'm typing this, I haven't yet quite figured out how that works and whether you can actually schedule posts from the app or just view posts you have scheduled (although it appears to be the latter and not the former).

And, of course, it allows publishing to Google+, because it's all about the Google synergy.

Will the free Blogger app finally move me away from the paid BlogPress? Nope. Blogger Mobile still has a lot of work to do, such as include inline photo editing/viewing and the ability to place your photo at the top of yoru post. instead of just dumping all the pictures at the bottom of the post composition window and having them show up at the bottom of your post (see below). Really? Blogger can't figure out that people don't want their picture automatically shoved to the bottom of the post, with no option to put it anywhere else?

And BlogPress definitely allows you to schedule posts for the future. The Blogger app is prettier to look at, but still less functional than BlogPress. And it should embarrass Google that there's a guy out there who for years now has put out a better mobile app than Google/Blogger.


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