The Amazing Race Season 21 Episode 6 Spoiler Review

Teams fly to Istanbul, Turkey. James and Abba depart with a three-and-a-half our lead on the second place team of Abbie and Ryan, and a four-and-a-half hour lead on the third team, the twins. And a seven-hour-plus lead on the Goat Farmers. All of which will be negated at the airport, no doubt.

And, of course, there's only 1 flight to Istanbul, so all the teams will be on it. Airport bunching drives me crazy.

James and Abba left their wad of American money at the travel agency desk, and the twins picked it up and at the airport split it with the Texans. James and Abba went to the business district and managed to wrangle up $100 from the locals.

In Istanbul, teams took a ferry from the European to the Asian side of Turkey. James and Abba were the only ones on the first ferry. Monster Truck and Chippendales fell behind by taking the subway to the ferry instead of the faster taxi option. The Chippendales talked with a local on the train who said the taxi was faster, so they got off the subway early and grabbed a cab. The Monster Truckers declared that they were going to carve their own path and not follow suit.

Teams then had to make their way to a marketplace and find stall 14. The teams collected their clues while the Goat Farmers had a speed bump. The Detour was a choice between transporting Turkish bagels on their head, or scrubbing at a Turkish bath. The speed bump was ... wait for it ... EATING ICE CREAM! Although the finding the proper marked stall was more of a challenge. So they ate ice cream at the wrong stall. And then they had to go do it again at the correct one. People, we've just hit a new milestone on the Amazing Race: EATING INCORRECT ICE CREAM.

Unsurprisingly, all the teams (except the Goat Farmers and Monster Truckers) decided that getting a bath was the better Detour option, considering all they had to do was sit there and get washed. Almost as challenging as the "bull race." Or eating ice cream. Oh, wait, that turned out to be pretty difficult. As was trying to deliver Turkish bagels, as the Goat Farmers discovered.

The Roadblock was one team mate selling Turkish Sherbet (which is more like a soft drink than ice cream) on the street. Lexi charmed her way through, wheras Ryan engaged a broker and instituted a commission structure. (Hey, that's what he said. I'm just repeating it.) The Chippendales appeared to have a lot of trouble selling their juice.

After the Roadblock, it was off to the pit stop, which was a big boat. Trey and Lexi were Team 1. Abbie and Ryan were second. Abba and James were third. The whole lost money thing turned out to be absolutely nothing in the end. The twins were fourth and promised no-more-nice-twins. SO FAR THIS HAS BEEN THE NICE TWINS!? Oh dear.

The Goat Farmers were trying to get to the pit stop in their cab to beat the Monster Truckers and ended up in a traffic jam, so they got out of their cab and directed traffic! Ingenious, frankly.

The Chippendales were fifth. The Goat Farmers moved up to sixth and stayed in the race.

The Monster Truckers were eliminated.

Next week: Some teams miss flights. And James and Abba's cab drives off  with their bags.


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