Survivor Philippines Episode 8 Spoiler Review

Jonathan is unhappy with being betrayed at Tribal last week. Which seems to be a natural reaction. Mike gave Jonathan a pep talk and told him there were cracks in the opposing alliance, but couldn't or wouldn't name names.

Jeff and Lisa plotted to break up Pete's alliance, with Jeff figuring they could engineer a flip that would move them up the pecking order.

The reward challenge was for a river boat cruise through the jungle with BBQ ribs. The yellow team that included Malcolm and Jonathan beat a team that had Mike and Artis.

Back at camp, Pete plotted to get rid of Jonathan and keep Mike around for a while in order to take out Jeff. While out on the reward, Denise, Lisa, Malcolm, Jeff and Jonathan stuffed their faces and talked about the Evil Three (as he dubbed them) of Abi, Artis and Pete.

Lisa went to Mike and said to vote out Jonathan first, and told him about Malcolm's immunity idol.

Only 1 individual immunity necklace was up for grabs. The immunity challenge was yet another combination of physical challenge and puzzle pieces. Pete, Jeff and Jonathan made it to the second round of the challenge. Everyone quietly rooted against Jonathan, knowing that their plans to vote him off would be ruined if he had immunity. And he did! Hahahahahah! Tremendous. Jonathan did a happy dance while everyone sat in silence and sulked.

At camp, the tribe basically decided they were going to vote out Mike. While Lisa continued to tell people about Malcolm's hidden immunity idol in an effort to get a blindside of Malcolm. Pete and Malcolm talked about getting rid of Jeff. Malcolm started confronting people about whether Lisa had said anything about the idol. So it gets back to Lisa, and she confronts Pete, and things were mumbled. Jeff discovers they were plotting against him and the plan changes to Pete. Malcolm decided to go get his idol from its secret spot because of all the crazy going on around him.

At Tribal,  Malcolm said Lisa through him under the bus. Lisa admitted it and ran through the entire set of plotting going on in terms of who was going to get voted out and when. Which brought up Abi talking about alliances, which led to more secrets being revealed. Malcolm announced he's playing his hidden immunity idol even before anyone voted (which was really smart). So Jeff asks if anyone else has an idol, and Abi said, "Sure! I have one!" and pulls it out. And then Jonathan says that there are six to go forward in the game, so let's do that! And he tries to pull another power play. Lisa then pitches Plan B. Jeff: "This is pretty fun, Jeff." To which the other Jeff says that he's never seen a more complicated set of moves being played out.

AFTER ALL THAT... no one played their idol. Malcolm bluffed everyone. Jeff was voted out. Bye-bye baseball player. Malcolm looked gobsmacked.

Next week: Lisa considers flipping alliances.


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