Survivor Philippines Episode 11 Spoiler Review

After getting ripped to shreds at last week's Tribal Council, Abi is very sad. Malcolm notes that Abi is not very self-aware. You don't say.

The tribe gets money for the annual food auction. Gosh, I hope SOMEONE knows how to play this game. And, yay! Denise spends all her money for pancakes and bacon. Well done, Denise. You've figured out this game.

Then Skupin bids all his money for a cheese plate and wine. Malcolm got iced coffee and donuts for $200 of his $500. Jonathan paid $100 for a blind item that turned out to be fried chicken and fries.

Carter got a baked potato as a blind item for $180 (I think). But he got the option to trade it for rice and beans for the tribe. He gave up his food for food for the tribe. The tribe applauded. He's a fool.

Another blind item. Carter and Lisa had a bidding war. WHY DO PEOPLE ENGAGE IN BIDDING WARS!? Oh, I'm ranting again. Lisa won it for $320. She got a gigantic sandwich.

Jeff put up "an advantage in this game" and Abi bid $500 and took it. Geez, she knows how to do the food auction.

Carter bought another blind item for $200. It was veal shanks for the entire tribe, but no utensils and a 60 second time limit. And there was mass pigging out.

Back at the tribe. Jonathan and Abi try to have a conversation. It went as well as any conversation with Abi has gone on the entire season.

Abi's advantage in the immunity challenge is that she gets to go right to the final 3, so she has a one in three shot at winning immunity. And she decided she'd try to concoct a plan to stay in the game. She told Malcolm that she had another immunity idol and that she'd play it at the next Tribal Council.

At the immunity challenge, Abi lied and said her note had two parts and she was only reading 1 part out loud. Jeff let her get away with it.

The final three were Abi (of course), with Jonathan and Carter. And Abi won immunity. Of course. I should have seen that coming when Denise said at the beginning of the show, "Well, she won't win immunity." That should have been the dead giveaway.

We then endured several minutes of Lisa doing her whiny, "I'm not cut out for this game." Jonathan pulled her aside where she confessed she's in another alliance and going to vote for Jonathan tonight. He was unhappy. So Jonathan made a play to get rid of Denise.

At Tribal Council, Jonathan tried to convince everyone that Denise or Malcolm were going to win the game unless the tribe got rid of them.

After the votes were counted, Jonathan Penner was voted out 4-3 over Denise.

Next week: It's the family reunion episode. And Malcolm's brother gets him into trouble.


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