Survivor South Pacific - Episode 8 Spoiler Review

Last week on Survivor, Ozzy concocted this ridiculous plot to send himself to Redemption Island while handing over his immunity idol to ... oh, I don't know. I mean, it was explained, but I can't possibly believe this makes any sense, and I pretty much expect Ozzy to lose the duel, be out of the show in the first 10 minutes and have the remaining 50 minutes the other Survivors just sitting around with Jeff Probst, laughing and drinking beer and making fun of Ozzy as the dumbest Survivor player in the history of the world, and possibly several alien worlds and alternate dimensions.

Well, I can always hope.

So Ozzy went to Redemption and spun his web of lies to Christine, who hung on every word. And then Ozzy did a big theatrical production in front of both tribes at the duel while Jeff Probst stood there entirely stone faced while Ozzy ranted at Cochran. Jeff noted that today's duel results in the winner going back into the game and the loser going home.

Ozzy smoked the duel and gets back in the game. Christine finally goes home. And the tribes immediately merged.

Huh. How about that? Ozzy's plan worked. I'll be darned.

Now Cochran gets to play double agent and infiltrate Coach's old tribe. Coach confronted Cochrane with a) Ozzy went to Redemption deliberately and b) Cochran has an idol in his pocket and is trying to play Coach's tribe. Well, he's no dummy, but the ease of which he saw through Ozzy's plan was amazing. And Cochran immediately thought that actually going over to Coach's tribe might not be a bad idea.

There were 2 immunity necklaces at stake: one for a man, one for a woman. The Survivors had to hold a coconut between ropes while balancing on a log. Dawn won immunity for the women. Ozzy won for the men. Well, that should set up an interesting tribal council, particularly with a 6-6 split in the former tribes. And at Tribal, Ozzy got called out on his Redemption Island theatrics, and fessed up to the whole plot.

Ozzy gave the immunity idol to Whitney. Keith got six votes. Rick got six votes. Whitney got zero votes. So that was a waste of an immunity idol. They went to a revote, with the options being that people could only vote for Keith or Rick. Keith was voted out six to four, and Cochran quickly admitted to Ozzy he flipped. Bad words were said.

Next week: I'm on a beach. Survivor will not be a priority. But for those actually watching, Cochran gets yelled at a lot.


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