Orlando Vacation - Day 7 - Kennedy Space Center

(Note: While this blog is being written on Friday, I have no idea when it will be posted. Due to a complete systems failure at our resort, we have no wifi and thus no way to post this at the moment.)

We finished our vacation with a bang visiting the Kennedy Space Center. "Awesome" is an over-used word but entirely appropriate in this case. This. Was. Awesome. An absolute trip highlight and probably one of the best things I've ever done.

What did we see? Everything: space shuttles, a couple of 3D Imax movies, moon rocks, lunar landers, the massive Saturn rocket... even a gator!

We tried to find a shot that would illustrate the size of the Saturn rocket, which is 3 yards longer than a football field. These shots were as good as we could get.

Canadarm represent!

We even got to see the famous launch pad of all the shuttle missions.

By happy coincidence, we arrived at the gift shop just as one of the retired astronauts was signing autographs, so I got my hat signed.

It's really hard to put the day into words. It was fun. It was awe inspiring. It was amazing. Just great.

And it was a perfect way to cap off a great week in Florida. Disney World was lots of fun. Our resort was very nice. And NASA was tremendous. Saturday we're on our way back home.


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