The Amazing Race 19 - Episode 8 Spoiler Review

I missed last week's episode entirely and apparently Justin and Jennifer were eliminated.

And I missed the first 15 minutes of this episode, so I completely suck as a reality TV blogger, huh? (In my defense, we had company and were eating dinner.)

When I tuned in, the contestants were learning some old tyme dance in a Danish castle.

This show featured the best new detour ever: a rabbit steeplechase. It was so fun.

There was a double U-Turn. Ernie and Cindy U-Turned Bill and Cathi, who, in turn, U-Turned Laurence and Zac.

Ernie and Cindy won the leg. Amani and Marcus were in the back most of the leg, which gave Marcus numerous opportunities to make come-from-behind football metaphors.

Jeremy and Sandy drove the wrong direction and ended up falling behind everyone else. But they made it to the mat before Laurence and Zac, who hit a giant traffic jam getting to the pot stop. So they were eliminated.

Next week: Bad theatre, vomiting and body building.


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