The Amazing Race 19 - Episode 10 Spoiler Review

It's part 2 of the leg, and teams were sent to the MAJOR CAR COMPANY test track. I'd name the car company, but they aren't paying me a billion dollars in sponsorship rights.

The road block was great: one team member had to take a MAJOR CAR COMPANY ICONIC CAR through a test track, completing a series of high speed exercises: hitting 100 mph and then braking in a specific spot, and doing a high speed slalom pylon time trial. And then victory doughnuts. Mmmm ... doughnuts. Marcus, of course, made football analogies while driving his car. Of course he did.

From the test track it was off to Gent, Belgium for the detour: either build a raft and search for a clue, or assemble a waffle stand and make and decorate waffles. Mmmm ... waffles. The snowboarders and Amani/Marcus did the rafting. Ernie and Cindy and Jeremy and Sandy did the waffles. Poorly. Bill and Cathi pulled up the rear the entire leg and ended up doing the rafts.

Ernie and Cindy managed to get through the waffle task fairly quickly, as did the Snowboarders on the raft task. They made their way to Unpronounceable Place where they had to release hundreds of homing pigeons. Mmmm... pigeo- Oh, sorry. Then they had to chase the pigeons to an address, where they picked the tiniest clue ever off a pigeon leg, that led the teams to a model of the iron atom. Ernie and Cindy got lost trying to find their pigeon.

The snowboarders were first, and each of them won the MAJOR CAR COMPANY ICONIC CAR. Jeremy and Sandy were second. Ernie and Cindy were third. Amani and Marcus were fourth. Marcus made a football analogy. Of course he did. Bill and Cathi were eliminated, but gosh darn if they didn't make a good game of it.

Next week: Panama. Panama-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah.


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