The Amazing Race 19 - Episode 9 Spoiler Review


(Now I hope I can still get in the building tomorrow...)

Teams started the leg in Copenhagen. They had to memorize a poem, ride a bike and recite the poem in proper dramatic fashion. Amani and Marcus did particularly well, which gave Marcus an opportunity to make football metaphors again. One of the snowboarders didn't bring enough drama to the dramatic recitation and had to do it again. From there, it was off to the original Legoland Park. The teams had to put together their next clue from Lego while riding a spinning teacup-style amusement park ride (OK, it was a pirate ride). Jeremy and Sandy lost a piece outside their spinning thingy and had to start over.

The clue told them to head to a train station, where they boarded a train to Brussels. Ernie and Cindy bought their tickets and promptly dropped the tickets for the second stage of the trip. Drama! They got on the second train anyway, hoping no one would check for tickets. And no one did. So the entire thing came to nothing.

And now, the bodybuilding posedown. This was as epic as I'd imagined it would be.

Amani and Marcus came in first. We were spared football metaphors, but only because the next leg starts RIGHT NOW and there were no eliminations. TO BE CONTINUED!

Next week: Car racing!


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