Survivor South Pacific - Episode 12 Spoiler Review

Cochran called a team meeting basically saying that he wanted to stick around one more tribal council and then he'd be happy with being voted off.

Dawn, Ozzy and Whitney had to stack dishes at Redemption Island to stay in the game. No, really! OK, it was stacking dishes on a balancing arm, but still...

Dawn's stack crashed about 11 dishes in. She's on the jury. Whitney lasted 2 more dishes, and Ozzy remains at Redemption Island.

Back at camp, Albert watched Edna do laundry for 2 hours while he reclined in a hammock, and then he proceeded to douse the fire by accident, getting his tribe annoyed at him and calling him "Prince Albert" behind his back.

Albert won immunity. A prince among castaways. He also won a massage retreat and could take someone with him. He brought Coach along. Albert then gave away his reward to Cochran (as it was Cochran's birthday). (Cochran admitted to the camera his birthday was six months ago.)

Tribal council turned into a big mess of secrets and strategy revealed. I was too tired to keep score. I think Cochran came out on the worst end of it.

When the votes were counted, Cochran was, indeed, voted to Redemption Island. Happy birthd- oh, right, you lied about that.

Next week: Cochran vs. Ozzy in a duel.


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