Survivor Nicaragua Episode 7 Recap

When we last left our Survivors they ... actually, I have no memory of last week's show. Have I mentioned that this season blows? (Actually, yes, repeatedly. Why I continue to watch it is the only remaining question.)

Oh, right ... Marty almost got voted out with an immunity idol in his pocket and someone named "Yve" who I swear had never appeared on the first 5 episodes before being parachuted onto the island last week, got the boot. Next you're going to tell me there's a Survivor player named Benry.

Espada won the very cool reward challenge, which was a water polo-shoot-out kind of thing. They got to go on a Nicaraguan farm adventure that included milking a cow. Naonka complained she didn't like touching a cow's nipple. Duly noted. Meanwhile, Jane caught some fish and decided to eat one by herself in the forest rather than feed her lazy tribe. Sadly, this really went nowhere.

Espada then won immunity, sending La Flor back to tribal council. Sash convinced Marty to trade the immunity idol for a guarantee that he'd be kept around until the next vote, at which point he'd be given the idol back. Amazingly, this did not backfire on Marty and Jill was voted out. Huh. How about that?

Next week: The Merge. Naonka goes insane. Again.


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