Survivor Nicaragua Episode 6 Recap

Spoilers ahoy!

So the twist was both tribes competing for 2 individual immunity necklaces and both tribes would vote someone off at Tribal Council. Holly won the Espada immunity. For La Flor it was Jill. The two women then squared off for a tribal feast. Jill won for La Flor.

Meanwhile, Marty convinced Fabio he was a chess grandmaster (untrue) and he had a plan to turn the game around (probably untrue). And Fabio, who is less intelligent than a coconut, totally bought it. Dude!

At the other tribe, Dan again expressed his desire to quit, noting that he's not sure why he's on Survivor because he doesn't need the money. I'm not sure why I'm watching a show so badly casted.

La Flor hatched a plan to flush out Marty's idol and have either him or Kelly B voted out. Marty didn't play the idol and the votes split 3 for Marty, 3 for Kelly B and 2 for Evil But Cute Brenda. They revoted. Kelly B got the boot.

Espada had a severe case of food envy during their tribal council as they watched La Flor eat their reward feast. Dan brazenly lied to Jeff about wanting to quit and was promptly called out on it. Yve complained about Dan always bragging about his six cars and three homes. Dan called Yve arrogant. It came down to a choice between Dan and Yve and Yve bit the dust.

Next week: Fabio is a moron.


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