Random Saturday Stuff

  • Tried to run today (inside, on treadmill) and ended up walking a mile and running another mile. I sprained my bad knee last weekend (just doing ordinary stuff) and it's still pretty tender, so I wanted to take it easy. I weighed in today at 183 lbs., which is up a pound from 3 weeks ago when I was last brave enough to get on a scale. That's "margin of error" in terms of the scale, so I'm not too worried.
  • That was my first work out all week. The fall session of the Alberta Legislature started this week and that resulted in a lot of 10- and 12-hour days. This was not a week in which I wanted to be at the gym at 5:30 p.m. working out instead of at home eating dinner. Hopefully I can be back on a more regular gym schedule next week.
  • Our microwave oven is killing my wireless connection whenever it's on, which my friend Jim Whitelaw (@jimwhitelaw) tells me is a sign our microwave is leaking, so we went out today to buy a new one. What a frustrating experience. Our first stop was to a big box home reno store, where we figured we could not only pick up the microwave we wanted (basically, updated model from the 13-year-old over-the-range model already installed when we bought the house) but get some insight from them on just how easy or difficult it is to install these big units over our stove. Well, it turned out that no one there could actually answer the most basic questions about installation (one associate said, "My son did it. It wasn't too bad." Gee, THANKS FOR THAT INSIGHT!). Worse, they didn't have the units in stock because, you see, despite having a store bigger than most football stadiums they - wait for it - DON'T HAVE SPACE to keep microwaves in stock. Guess all those gigantic sheets of lumber just take up all the space, huh? Instead, we'd have to order it and they'd charge us $50 (on top of the $400 purchase price) to deliver it to our house. And no, they don't install it. Great. Needless to say, we didn't buy one today.
  • Then we get home and my lovely wife is cleaning the house and discovers our bathroom sink is falling apart and needs to be replaced, too. Have I mentioned that we simply aren't "handy" at home repairs? So now we're looking at finding someone to do that, who hopefully can put in the microwave, too.
  • Given all of this, I fully expect our hot water heater to commit suicide tonight.
  • There was a time when I could turn on TLC and learn how to install my own bathroom sink, but now that channel is all about polygamy and buying wedding dresses, so I'm outta luck there. But if I ever decide to become a wedding-dress wearing polygamist, I'm set.


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