Survivor Nicaragua Episode 5 Recap

WARNING: THIS RECAP CONTAINS SPOILERS. So if you're not watching the show on the east coast feed, and you don't want to be spoiled, you may want to come back later.

Based on last week's preview, it appeared that the teams were in for a very early merge, but it turned out to be a mere tribal swap. So now instead of me mocking the Geezer Tribe and the Kindergarten Tribe, I'm gonna have to actually learn the tribe names (although Blue and Yellow tribe works).

However, it only took FIVE WEEKS for the producers to basically jettison the entire Young vs. Old theme, at least in terms of tribes. I'm sure that this theme will continue in the newly revamped tribes, but, still...

Of course, it was all worth it for the bit of the editing genius of having Marty bragging about how totally in control he is and how it would take something totally extraordinary to disrupt his plans. Cue "Drop your buffs."

The Blue tribe won the reward challenge, winning live poultry. Marty was on the yellow tribe and was responsible for the loss. Sucks to be him, Mr. "I'm In Charge Here".

Meanwhile, Naonka had a total meltdown because it rained and she was cold. To the point she wanted to quit. Seriously.

And to show how anonymous some of the players have been, I noticed for the first time tonight there's a Survivor named Benry.

The Yellow Tribe won immunity, sending the Blue Tribe to Tribal Council. In a fairly big surprise, Tyrone was blindsided and voted out. Apparently eating too much chicken is a bigger sin than, you know, basically quitting the game. So Naonka survives another week. Argh.

Next week: Now Dan wants to quit. And a twist.


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