Run down

I dunno ... file this under "lessons learned" or "the best laid plans" or something, but my usual Saturday 10K went quite badly this morning.

I suppose my first mistake was running outside when it was 0 and windy. I wore sweats and a hoodie and figured that after a cold first mile, I'd warm up and be fine. Instead, after a cold first mile, I was cramping, freezing, unable to find any kind of running rhythm at all, and pretty much done. I gutted out another half mile before deciding that running just wasn't happening today. So I walked home, and clocked just under 4 miles of cardio.

It didn't help, either, when I got home, got on the scale and came in at 184.5 lbs, which is more than 2 lbs. higher than last Saturday. I don't know if that's the chocolate chip cookies my wife baked this week or just an aberration, but either way, it didn't help my mood. I mean, what's the whole point of exercising if you're still gaining weight? Frustrating.

On the plus side, since I started using the Nike+GPS app three weeks ago (Sept. 24 was my first run with it), I've run 15 times for at total of 48.62 miles in 10:58:19.


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